Pregnancy after age 40 at BioTexCom clinic 15 Jan 2013


A choice of a modern woman to be a mother after 40 is clear and logical. First of all, there is no need to worry about wealthiness and career achievements.  Secondly, a couple is ready to take responsibility for a child and their fillings have come through time. The last important thing is that the pregnancy is more deliberate in mature age. An experienced woman is more attentive to her level of health in this age and it is easier to raise a child after the birth. The happiness of maternity has a simple formula – a longed-for child and a good financial and emotional readiness.

Thanks to the newest reproductive technologies, it is not a problem to be pregnant even after 50. BioTexCom is one of the most famous clinics of reproductive technologies, which can be proud of about 100 women after age 55 to become mothers. The most known client is the 66-year old citizen ofSwitzerlandthat gave birth to healthy twins with the help of our clinic.

In general, 70% of clients of BioTexCom clinic are women after 40. There are some age-related physical peculiarities for women and men that prevent from natural conceiving. Men have a low sperm count, bad mobility and quality of the sperm; women have a low ovarian reserve, ovaries produce less eggs or ovulation happens rarely. Specialists of BioTexCom claim that with the help of medical examinations and tests, that are showing the level of special hormones, it is possible to understand if a woman can conceive or she needs help of reproductive doctors.

In vitro fertilization is a great chance to become a mother for a woman after 40. BioTexCom clinic is ready to offer you a program for donation, if your own eggs can’t be produced anymore or the quality is not sufficient. The egg donation program suits for women of 45-50 years old. The quality of the donor’s eggs is guaranteed by specialists of our medical laboratory. All donors are selected in cooperation with the clients, considering their demands and wishes.

We offer the couple to undergo a genetic test before the program to exclude the risk of possible genetic diseases by the child. We watch over the woman’s health during the pregnancy. If it is necessary, we examine the amniotic fluids, we perform a special blood test for mother and fetus and we also make the biopsy of placenta. These procedures minimize the risk of miscarriages and unexpected difficulties.

The pregnancy after age 40 or after age 50 is real. It can be connected with some complications, all depends on certain circumstances. BioTexCom specialists consider every case as a very important one and learn all infertility aspects of every couple. Our clinic will support you on every step on the road to motherhood. We are completely sure that our experience in the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) field can solve your problem as if it never existed.

The motherhood needs effort on one hand, but brings an incredible joy on the other hand. BioTexCom clinic will arrange a meeting with your baby.