Dental tourism in Bucharest 17 Sep 2019

Dental tourism in Romania is gaining more ground, clinics in the country aiming to become major players in the international market. The number of foreign tourists coming to Romania for dental implants or for other interventions increases from year to year. What makes them choose Romania is primarily physicians who demonstrate professionalism. Also the price is very important - quality interventions are at 10 times lower than in Western European countries.

Clinics in Romania that make dental tourism are well equipped with the highest quality tools doctors know very well the foreign languages – all these are aspects which make the treatment period to be as pleasant.

Catalog Med Tour offers free advice so you can choose the dental clinic that best fits your needs( city, prices, diseases..). We suggest the best option and will put you in touch with the clinic chosen. Neither accommodation is a problem any more, we work with many accommodation units including those with rooms for disabled people.Of course, If you are interested in other services, we will try to help you too.



Author: Daniel Avram