Apollo Balneo

Domain: Thermal tourism

Disease: Shower underwater, Electrotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Impachetari, Mud Treatment, Inhalo therapy, Kinetic recovery, Medical massage, Dry massage, Reflexotherapy

Country: Romania

City: Sangeorgiu de Mures

Description: The great therapeutic value of Sangeorgiu de Mures baths resides not only in the climatic conditions, but also in the special qualities of its waters and of the mineral muds that exist here.
Apollo Balneo offers its clients the possibility to undergo the following procedures, also providing qualified staff and top quality equipment: Salt baths in pools and bathtubs , Mud wrappings , Scottish shower, Underwater shower, Magnetotherapy, Galvanic currents, Ion galvanization, TENS, TRABERT, Radio Waves, Dynamic Currents, Interferential currents, Ultrasound, Lasertherapy, UV waves, Kinetotherapy, Reflexotherapy, massage.

Special offers: For 3 procedures/day, the salt bath is free.
For a minimum 5 days of treatment, 3 procedures/day, the medical consult is free and we offer the salt bath for free also.
For 9 paid salt baths, the 10th salt bath is for free.

Contact: 0265-319.159