Piano Cabinet

Domain: Dental tourism

Disease: Dental surgery, buco maxilo facial surgery, Esthetic Dentistry, prophylaxis

Country: Romania

City: Bucuresti

Description: Teeth can be protected by using preventive treatments, preventing tooth decay and other oral diseases.
Professional cleaning, learning the correct techniques at home cleaning, sealing, fluoridation and saliva tests are methods that make life easier.
Teeth ca be straighten in the orthodontic treatment, with braces. Fixed or mobile, in children and adults have the same goal, to prevent cavities and periodontal disease. In this way, it ensures maximum functionality and aesthetics necessary for a body and a healthy mind.
Teeth can embellish through cosmetic dentistry treatments. Healthy, straight and protected our teeth deserve a treat now. An office or at home whitening, perhaps a dental tattoo .... Will be brilliant to own :).

Special offers: Take advantage of whitening in our dental clinic and we will give you a gift voucher. With this one of your friends can whiten his teeth for FREE.

If you like metal braces, come with a friend and we put two devices for the price of one.
Your child is younger than 12 years and he has not straight teeth? Bring him with his brother ore a colleague and we will put them both metal braces, and you will PAY ONLY ONE.

All of our patients who have fixed braces receive all cleaning services, kit toothbrushes and fluoridation biannual as gift.
Whitening at home for our patients who have ”Piano Cabinet”' s braces will receive a treatment for hypersensitivity for FREE.
After completion of orthodontic treatment all our patients receive a loyalty card with 10% DISCOUNT on all services our office.

More information: ORTHODONTICS :• functional, mobile and fixed braces and lingual techniques.

PREVENTION: •professional cleaning of teeth: scaling, brushing, air flow, board markers, acquiring proper cleaning techniques.
•Ways to combat dental caries: fluoridation, dental sealing.
•Cosmetic dentistry: dental office whitening and home tooth tattoos

Aesthetics: Hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injections (under anesthesia) for:
• Softening wrinkles and naso-labial grooves
• Lip and Cheek Augmentation
• Lifting the corners of the mouth
• Cure for excessive sweating

• Dental extractions
• Gingivectomy, cystectomy, apicoectomy
• Immobilization of teeth after a trauma

The payment can be made by cash / credit card / card advantage and you can pay off any braces in installments without interest.
10% discount for students!

Low-cost offers: Hygiene subscription: pay 500 lei (almost 120 euro) and you can sanitize your teeth for how many times you want in a year.
Sanitizes your teeth at our dental clinic for twice and the third time is for FREE.

Contact: Pandele Anca Gabriela