Domain: Surgery tourism

Disease: General surgery

Country: Romania


Description: Munposan'94 Clinic - the first private hospital in Romania with surgical profile - is a unit of reference in the field, which aligns general and endocrine surgery in modern European and International standards. Providing tools,  the  surgeons and anesthesiologogists experience  allow performing  the most difficult but also the most modern surgical techniques and treatment modalities.
The years meant for Munposan'94 Clinic a continuous upgrading of space and medical equipment, a continuous improvement training. The three floors of a wing and the other two of another wing host operating rooms, lounges and administrative offices. Currently the clinic has a hospital with 30 beds and two operating rooms, ambulatory clinic with over 20 medical specialties, medical analysis laboratory and pathology laboratory.
Also the care for the patient increased year by year, this materialized in awards received over time, as well as quality certification services to implement ISO quality certification for all activities of the clinic.
Appreciation of work that takes place in the clinic for the benefit of the  Munpoosan'94 patients is reflected in the large number of them, exceeded over  18,000 hospitalizations and 8,000 surgeries risk.

Special offers: In May 2013, the Clinic offers to the patients promotional prices for the following services:
- Female genital surgery.

More information: Munposan '94 is characterized by complexity, quality and speed of medical services. All this is due to a medical team consisting of physicians of high moral and professional and administrative team with real managerial skills, without which daily activities could not be carried through.
- tiroidectomy,
- gastrectomy,
- cholecystectomies,
- colectomies,
- herniotomy,
- appendectomies,
- hysterectomies,
- cystectomy,
- colpoperineorafy
- cure varicose veins,
- other interventions

Contact: Adress: ROMANIA, BUCUREŞTI, STR. WITING NR. 10-12,
Cod postal:010903
Telefon Romtelecom: 021-316.20.49 / 021-316.20.50
Telefon Orange: 0744.812.330
Telefon Orange: 0722.288.430
Fax: 021-312.50.78
Email: munposan@gmail.com
Web: www.munposan.ro

Mijloace de transport de la aeroport:
- Trenurile Henri Coandă Expres circulă la fiecare oră, în intervalul orar 6:20 – 22:10 , 7 zile din 7
- Linie autobus Expres 783, 24 h din 24, la interval de 40 minute.