Domain: Spa & wellness tourism

Disease: Detox massage, Muscle pain, Massage, Sports massage, Spa, Therapy against chronic fatigue and stress, Facial treatments

Country: Bulgaria

City: Velingrad

Description: The main directions in which the “SIRONA” Medical center works are as it follows:

Prevention, primary and occasional prophylaxis, as well as health training with the early diagnostic methods and reforming the way of life;
Treatment and consultative activities;
Rehabilitation and recovery;
Medical servicing for foreign tourists, such as medical examinations, emergency aid, hospital accommodation, and patients transportation abroad.

The “SIRONA” Medical center has 5 branches, which are situated in the SPA CLUB BOR and the Saint Spas Balneological complex in Velingrad, and in Burgas,Varna, and Bansko.


The “SIRONA” Medical center offers the following treatment programs for rehabilitation and recovery:

Strong musculoskeletal system
Good respiratory system
Steady nervous system
Toning program
Anti-cellulite program
Harmonic body program
Anti-stress program
Anti-aging program
Weight reduction program
Detoxification program
Overcome the fatigue program
Female health + program
Male health 50 + program
Occupational diseases program – Occupational diseases
of the respiratory system
Occupational diseases program – Occupational diseases as a result of over-strain
Avio-Rehabilitation programs

Contact: Saint Spas Balneological complex branch:

97, Nikola Vaptzarov Str.
4600 Velingrad, Bulgaria
tel.: 0700 15 277
tel./fax: 00359 359 596 37