Medical tourism 15 Jun 2016

The term of medical tourism is now increasingly known. The development of transportation and the decreasing of the travel time made possible that a lot of people to be able to treat in other countries. In this article we will explain the term of medical tourism and  the main reason for this phenomenon.

What medical tourism means? To give a short definition, it represents a journey with medical reason out of the area of living. It can be another city, country or even continent and, depending on the treatment, patients can combine the treatment with the leisure.

Medical tourism reasons: Why people practice medical tourism? Well, they prefer to travel in other places for many causes:

     -The treatment is cheaper abroad. For example, dental interventions cost a lot in the west of Europe. Also, the fact that in many cases they are not included in the insurance make many persons to come in countries like Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, where the tariffs are even 10 times lower.  

     -The treatment is not available at home. It is known that the medical field makes great improves from year to year, but the latest technology always costs too much for some countries. Developing countries do not have the same possibilities for treatment as England or France.  In this case, patients travel for medical reason in developed countries for a better treatment or for the desire to receive luxury treatment.

     -Patients do not want or ca not wait on a waiting list. Especially in the case of a transplant, they have to wait a long time until the doctors find a compatible giver. Those who have a better financial condition can dodge the system and can travel in other countries where they have another options. Countries like India developed this part of medicine (transplant) and can assure the organ transplantation in a faster rate. But is this case appears the issue of medical ethics.

     -Patients are immigrants. In this case, they prefer to return in their country for treatment because it is cheaper than in the country where they work. Also, because they do not know very well the language, prefer to treat themselves at a doctor with the same nationality.


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 Author: Daniel Avram