Medical Tourism 9 Aug 2016


Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular and its curative benefits are known by many people. For various reasons, people with medical disorders or those who just want an aesthetic change, travel to foreign countries which are renowned in medical field. Whether it's about low fares, access to certain new therapies on the market or the professionalism of the medical team, we can say that many countries base their economy on health tourism.

Because many issues are taken into account, such as: reputation, safety, related industries involved (insurance, transport, catering, leisure, etc.), medical act has to be flawless. Clinics strong emphasis on the treatment of foreign patients, and they want them to enjoy this experience.  Depending on the medical disorder the patient wants to be treated, it is possible to be combined trips to treatment, making the recovery period to be easily passed over.

Since visas to certain destinations are not a problemm any more and the cost of transport decreased, medical tourism has become accessible to many people. Also, low-cost airlines have significantly reduced the cost of the journey. If we take the example of a trip for treating dental diseases of a patient who lives in Milan and wants to be treated in Bucharest, transport cost can be around 12 euros for round trip, which means an extremly low fare. Thus, progresses made in aviation field create a perfect background for the development of medical tourism  in countries that have specialized clinics.

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