Dental Tourism in Romania - intervention from 20 eur 20 Apr 2014

Dental tourism is one of the most popular areas in recent years. Nowadays when everything has to be perfect, we rely on our smile that must be spotless. But dental procedures are becoming more expensive and more often not included in the insurance package. Thus, the journey in a country where interventions are made at a price 10 times lower, but the same level of quality is the ideal solution.

Romania is a favorite destination by more and more foreign tourists who come to the big cities of the country for various dental procedures.

One medical practices in Romania who specializes in orthodontics is Piano Cabinet of Bucharest. Prices correspond to the quality of services, but specific to a country that attracts tourists for dental tourism: € 20 for a full consultation, 45 eur for a tooth extraction, 225 eur for whitening quality, 400 eur for braces, etc..

What must be considered is the quality and experience of doctors here. Also, another advantage is that Cabinet Piano is located in the capital of Romania, so transportation is not a problem (you can arrive by plane, car or train). There are many possibilities of accommodation, you can choose one of the hotels we collaborate with:

Ancor Hotel (3 star) with prices from 35 EUR / room / night

City Garden Hotel (4 star) with prices from 45 EUR / room / night

Marshal Garden Hotel (5 star) with prices from 85 EUR / room / night

Ramada Majestic Hotel (4 star), which has rooms with facilities for disabled people

If you want to see the city's attractions during the treatment period you can rent a car and visit the beautiful attractions of the capital. We can confidently recommend the rent a car agencies we work with: Rent a Car Adras  and Autogrand .

If you need more information or want to be put in contact with medical or hotel unit or other units, please contact us. We provide free consulting.